Memòria de la Modernitat.

Memòria de la Modernitat is a large traveling exhibition that will transfer the heritage collection of the Diputació de València to the different regions of the province over two years. This project of the Section of Dissemination and research of the Heritage of the Diputación de València, is curated by members of the research group VALuART, formed by art history professors of the University of Valencia among which are Rafa Gil, Ester Alba, Mireia Ferrer, Felipe Jerez and Mª José López; It proposes a re-reading of the content of the collection from a contemporary perspective. The image selects details of some of the pieces, showing the different styles and going through the 19th and 20th centuries. The selected faces establish a visual dialogue between them and the canvases appear under a color filter that refers to the new vision of the collection presented in this exhibition. The multiple image gives an account of the size of the exhibition