Nou d’octubre 2022.

Poster and institutional communication campaign for the celebration of the day of the Valencian Community.Valencian Government.

The campaign focused on an iconic element, alluding to the unappealable historical fact that gave rise to the celebration, the entry into Valencia on October 9, 1238 of the troops of King Jaume I, who in a few years would finish conquering the rest of the territories that would constitute the Kingdom of Valencia. The dragon crest was used by Peter IV the ceremonial, great-great-grandson of Jaume I the Conqueror, becoming the representative iconographic element of the monarchs of the Crown of Aragon, including Jaume I the Conqueror. The typography evokes the modernity of the Valencian poster period in the first half of the 20th century, thus establishing a graphic journey from the Middle Ages to the present.