(I see)

Every year I propose to end the year by editing a personal project to share with the clients and friends of the studio.
“VEO” is a cardboard box, of which 50 numbered copies have been published, which hides different elements. The brochures and cards contain texts on the theories and statements of the members of the Gestalt, the school of psychology that emerged in Austria and Germany in the early twentieth century.

In other of my projects of this type, I have dealt with some aspects that have to do with communication and graphics as a profession: geometry, abstraction, simplicity, typography, etc. This year the project is about the theories and principles of perception.

The paper with which the box is wrapped carries a text made for the occasion by the writer Isabel Bono. The first sentence of the text also appears on the outer envelope, for copies that have been mailed.

In addition to the different brochures, the box houses the letters of the word “VEO” in wood (Oak, birch or walnut). The three letters are an object that allows, in correspondence with some of the theories of perception, to play and be observed.

Gestalt implies a return to naive perception, to immediate experience, not vitiated by learning. It leads us to verify that there we do not perceive sets of elements, but structured units of meaning or forms. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Consciousness encompasses much more than the scope of behavior.

— Laus Bronze, Self promotion. ADG-FAD, 2020
— SILVER at Graphis Design annual 2021, Graphis New York.